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Special Events Permit Request


    A Special Event is any event that meets one or more of the following criteria: • Any event that is a parade, carnival, festival, block party (not for private or residential use), or running, walking or bicycling event. • Any event to be held at a County facility with a projected attendance of 1000 or more. • Any event that will require the use of County resources for security, crowd control, traffic control, fire or EMS. • Any event that requires the closure of any street or public right of way to vehicular or pedestrian traffic. • Any event requiring interagency coordination that may change or restrict the normal levels of public service provided in Stafford County *Please note, some events such as private, residential block parties or park rentals, may not require the Special Event process; however, the event may still require a permit. Please refer to the Permit Section for details.


    Careful completion of the form will help to avoid delays in processing. It is important that you follow the instructions and provide clear and accurate information. Submit all necessary documents with the application. Please consult the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Management Coordinator for more detailed information. The following sections MUST be completed by the event coordinator for ALL events:  General Event Information  Security Plan  Site Plan  IF APPLICABLE: You must provide a clear route map and written description of the route and a copy of your road use permit submitted to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). Other than those sections mentioned above which must be completed for ALL events, only complete those sections that pertain to your individual event. After submitting all necessary forms, your application will be sent to all departments involved in providing services or permits for the event. Do not assume that all aspects of the event will be approved; you may be asked to make changes to your plan based on the availability of services and scheduling of other events. You will then be notified if the event has been approved.


  4. General Event Information

  5. First time event?

  6. From/To

  7. Is this facility normally used for events?

  8. Is this facility normally used for large events?

  9. This site is

  10. Needs

  11. Will you require assistance from Public Safety?

  12. If yes, you will be contacted by a representative from the appropriate agency.

  13. Will there be any use of fireworks, lasers or explosives?

  14. If yes, you must contact the Stafford County Fire and Rescue Department, Office of the Fire Marshal for a permit

  15. Are you serving food at your event?

  16. If yes, you must contact the Virginia Department of Health for a Temporary Food License Application.

  17. Are you serving beer and wine at your event?

  18. If yes, you must contact the Virginia Department of Alcohol Beverage Control for a Special Event Liquor License Application.

  19. Are you erecting a structure over 900 sq. ft.?

  20. If yes, you must contact the Stafford County Fire and Rescue Department Office of the Fire Marshall for a structure permit application

  21. Are you erecting a stage over 30" (inches) above grade?

  22. If yes, you must contact the Stafford County Fire Department, Office of the Fire Marshal for a permit

  23. Are you closing the street for your festival?

  24. If yes you must submit a VDOT Road Use Permit must be submitted

  25. Will the street closure be on a FRED bus route?

  26. If yes, include a map/plan for the routing of buses.

  27. Have you determined how area residents and businesses will be notified of street closures, parking restrictions?

  28. If yes, include a description of community outreach plan.

  29. Has the event already been publicized?

  30. If yes, include a copy of flyer/mailing or description of efforts.

  31. Will you be using a loud speaker?

  32. If yes, you must contact the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office


  34. The Organizer is responsible for providing a safe and secure event. This includes the event venue, event parking areas, and adjacent areas affected by the event.

  35. Will you be utilizing a private security company?

  36. If yes, you will be contacted by the Stafford County Sheriff's Office.

  37. In accordance with Section 403.11.3 of the Statewide Fire Prevention Code, trained crowd managers shall be provided for facilities or events where more than 1,000 persons congregate. The minimum number of crowd managers shall be established at a ratio of one (1) crowd manager to every 250 persons. Each crowd manager shall complete a course and submit their certificate with this application. A link for this training can be located on the Permit List page.

  38. Provide a crowd management plan that addresses emergencies specific to your event, it shall include a plan for weather-related emergencies and cancellations. (Attach to document if additional space is required)

  39. The event site plan/route map should depict the physical layout of the event. It should be drawn legibly to visually address the elements of you event. Please utilize the following table when developing a site plan or route map. (Attach site plan to document if additional space is required)

  40. Elements to Identify on the Site Plane / Route Map

     Location of food vendors (FV)  Location of beverage vendors both non-alcoholic (NAB) and alcoholic beverages (AB) with number of serving stations at each location  Location of toilets (T)  Location of hand washing sinks (HWS)  Location of retail merchants (RM)  Location of garbage receptacles (G) and recycling receptacles (R)  Show walk, run and bike routes if athletic event  Location and number of Type III Barricades (III)  Location of fire lane (FL)  Location of fire extinguishers (FE)  Location of First Aid (+)  Public entrances and exits ( , )  Location of sound stages and amplified sound  Location of residential streets surrounding event  Location of Parking (P)  Location of “FREE ADMISSION - DONATIONS ACCEPTED” sign

  41. Terms and Conditions

    The Organizer shall be responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and will work directly with each Agency to obtain and fulfill the permit requirements prior to the event. The Organizer shall submit all of the required permits prior to the event. The Organizer shall obtain and fulfill any insurance requirements. The Organizer shall inform the Stafford County Office Emergency Management Coordinator of any changes to this application at least 20 days prior to the date of the event. The undersigned certifies that they shall abide all Stafford County policies and procedures and the requirements for users at County facilities. The undersigned shall be held liable for any and all damages to County-owned property and for the prompt and proper settlement of claims for such damages, and agrees to pay applicable fees. Unless agreed upon in writing, the undersigned shall be responsible for clean-up and care of equipment and facilities used, including school facilities. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of deposit, paying a penalty and denial of future use.


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