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New Construction & Plan Review

The FMO assists the Stafford County Building Official by reviewing all fire protection or life safety system design documents submitted for construction permit approval. The status of all construction plan reviews are tracked and coordinated by the Department of Code Administration. The status of any plan review and any associated plan review comments can be viewed here.

The permit application number (A/P number) associated with the corresponding review is required to use this online service.
Design Papers
This online service also provides additional information regarding construction permits including fees, inspection status and the ability for a permit holder to schedule inspections.

The Fire and Rescue Department is just a piece of the overall construction permit process so please contact the Department of Code Administration at 540-658-8650 if you have any questions.

New Construction Fire Permit Application

Required for construction or alteration of:
  • Alternative Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Other Life Safety Systems
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Underground Fire Lines

Rapid Access "Knox" Key Box Application

A signed/certified application is no longer required. Visit their website for additional information and ordering. Any of the product styles are acceptable when used in their proper application.

Your new business may require a Fire Prevention Code permit for operation before it opens.

Contractors: Do you need to blast or burn debris at your site? Please visit fire prevention pages for more information on acquiring a permit and completing your application.