EMS Operations

Mission & Operations

The EMS division oversees the EMS Operations of the Stafford County Fire and Rescue Department. As with most fire departments, EMS accounts for a high volume of the Department’s call volume - approximately 75% of the emergency response call load.

EMS Operations oversees 98 Advance Life Support (ALS) and 276 Basic Life Support (BLS) providers and provides input on field supervision through the Deputy Chiefs and Battalion Chiefs assigned to emergency response command roles on each shift. Additionally,  EMS Operations oversees the Quality Assurance and Ambulance Billing program staff, interfaces with our Department Medical Director and ensures EMS special event coverage at numerous venues throughout the county.

The Department’s EMS assets include:
  • 13 ALS ambulances
  • 7 BLS ambulances
  • 6 ready reserve ALS ambulances
  • 4 medic engine companies
  • 2 ambulance “Gators”
  • A Rehab Unit
The Department received a matching grant from Medicorp to purchase a Mass Casualty Unit (MSU) identical to the other MCU’s purchased with Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) funds. This unit is capable of treating 100 patients.

Division Hierarchy

  • Chief Medical Officer
    • EMS Public Education
    • EMS System Performance
      • Quality Assurance & Improvement
    • EMS Supply Management
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