Command Staff

Mark Lockhart, County Fire Chief - Office of the Fire Chief

Mark Doyle, Assistant Chief Support Services, Volunteer Recruitment and Community Relations\Public Information Training \ Health and Safety

Roger O. Sutherland, Assistant Chief - Fire Marshal's Office

Joseph Grainger, Assistant Chief - Operations

Steve Weissman, Deputy Chief - Operations - A Shift

Kirk Clayberg, Deputy Chief - Operations - B Shift

D. Bart Lace, Acting Deputy Chief - Operations - C Shift

Lori Knowles, Division Chief - EMS

Mark Stone, Deputy Chief - Office of Emergency Management

Talsey Cunningham, Acting Battalion Chief - C Shift/Battalion 1

Kevin Scott, Battalion Chief - B Shift/Battalion 1

Mike Dunn, Battalion Chief - A Shift/Battalion 1

Kyle Murphy, Deputy Chief - Training & Doctrine Division Health and Safety Officer

Jenni-Meade, Hartle Lieutenant - Training & Doctrine Division

Andrew Milliken, Division Chief - Fire Marshal's Office

Ben Gouldman, Deputy Fire Marshal - Fire Marshal's Office

John Ennis, Deputy Fire Marshal - Fire Marshal's Office

James Kingman, Deputy Fire Marshal - Fire Marshal's Office