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Posted on: March 25, 2017

Stafford County Fire and Rescue Recognizes Life Saving Actions

Lt Pinneta between Asst Chief Sutherland and Chief Lockhart after receiving Medal for Bravey

Stafford, VA – March 25, 2017 – The Stafford County Fire and Rescue Department held their annual awards ceremony on March 25 to recognize 49 civilian, volunteer and career members of the department for their outstanding work in 2016. Mrs. Kimberly Brorson was the guest speaker and shared the story of her daughter Lucy and how the Fire and Rescue Department has made a difference in their lives since Lucy’s diagnosis of Dravet’s Syndrome, a seizure disorder. “You could not have asked for a more touching or thoughtful story about the incredible work our men and women do day in and day out.” said Stafford County Fire and EMS Chief Mark Lockhart.

The department presented a total of 61 awards for calendar year 2016.The leadership of the Stafford County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) was presented with the Civilian Certificate of Appreciation for their work on a number of community projects throughout the year and the team’s more than 3,000 volunteer service hours. Austin Miller, a local high school student, was recognized with the Civilian Lifesaving Award for saving the life of a child who had swallowed a bottlecap. Angela Wilhelm of the Aquia Harbour Volunteer Rescue Squad was named Volunteer Member of the Year and Chief Jean Helmandollar of the Rockhill Volunteer Rescue Squad is the Volunteer Officer of the Year. Technician Dan Mechling was named Career Member of the Year and Acting Battalion Chief Talsey Cunningham is the Career Officer of the Year.

The department presented its second highest award, the Medal for Bravery to Lieutenant Randy Pinneta for his actions during a shooting on Courthouse Road. Lt. Pinetta was on location when the shooting occurred and provided immediate emergency medical care to the victim.

A complete list is attached. Additional details are available by contacting the number listed above.

Awards for 2016 Service:

Civilian Certificate of Appreciation - CERT TEAM for their commitment and dedication to making Stafford County better prepared and more resilient and over 3,000 hours of volunteer service to the County.

Dusty Kitzmiller, Training Officer
Cynthia Harvey, Admin Officer
Andy Holden, Logistics Officer
John Martin, Deputy Coordinator
Ray Maloney, Training Officer
Katie Smith, Coordinator

Civilian Certificate of Appreciation – for coming to the aid of a neighbor who had fallen and summoning help

Bryce Rowenhorst

Civilian Lifesaving – for his quick action in treating a child who was choking on a bottle cap

Austin Miller

Certificates of Commendation – presented to members of the department who have made significant contributions and merit recognition from the County Fire and Rescue Chief.

Master Technician Kyle Bullis
Technician Mikel Commers
Acting Battalion Chief Talsey Cunningham
Administrative Specialist Shanna Cyphert
Technician Thomas Edwards
Technician Daniel Freiberg
Lieutenant Matthew King
Information Technology Specialist Paul Mann
Captain Steve Mitchell
Lieutenant Stephen Snider

Volunteer Member of the Year – Aquia Harbour Volunter Rescue Squad

EMT Angela Wilhelm

Volunteer Officer of the Year – Rockhill Volunteer Rescue Squad Chief

Jean Helmandollar

Career Member of the Year - Technician Daniel Mechling

Career Officer of the Year - Battalion Chief Talsey Cunningham

Meritorious Service – presented to members of the department who perform a notable act of distinction that reflects their strong commitment to upholding the department’s core values: Professionalism, Integrity, Respect, and Honor.

Deputy Fire Marshal John Ennis
Deputy Fire Marshal James Kingman
Master Technician Brandon Haney
Technician Brice Long

Unit Citation - presented to a functional unit that performs in an exceptional manner on the scene of an emergency incident. The unit must display an outstanding performance involving such complex or difficult tasks as to set them apart from other units with similar duties.



Battalion Chief Talsey Cunningham


Master Technician Dean Thompson
Technician Justin Doyle
Technician Kevin Kerr


Technician Kyle Coen
Technician Iris Franklin



Lieutenant Matthew King
Master Technician Brandon Haney
Technician Mikel Commers


Charles Shackleford
Skylar Turnbull
Aaron Macias
Bernard Strother



Master Technician Kevin Skewes
Technician Steven Leone
Technician Daniel Pappas



John Davis
CJ George
Jacob Reed
Bryce McMeen



James Kelly
Aaron Macias*


MSU 12

Lieutenant Matthew King*
Master Technician Brandon Haney*
Technician Mikel Commers*



Battalion Chief Matt Warren
Master Technician Charles Barcus
Technician Scott Strain

* Indicates multiple awards

Fire Chief’s Award - presented by the County Fire and EMS Chief to a member who has made a major contribution to the Department.

Master Technician Brandon Haney

Distinguished Service – presented to a members who performs a highly unusual act of distinction under adverse conditions in the performance of duty.

Lieutenant Randy Pinneta

Life Saving – presented to a member who is principally involved in saving the life of another person and whose personal actions were directly responsible for the lifesaving act.

Lieutenant Talsey Cunningham
Technician Douglas Gress
Technician Justin Harrison
Technician Daniel Pappas

Medal for Bravery – presented to a member who distinguishes themselves by exhibiting courage with disregard for personal safety in an effort to save life or property. This award recognizes a member’s actions during an incident where an instance of conspicuous heroism in the face of danger has occurred.

Lieutenant Randy Pinneta

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