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Volunteer Application

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  2. Stafford County Fire and Rescue Department Volunteer Application

    Please complete the following form completely so that we can process your application

  3. Age*

    Please choose your age range. Note: applicants must be age 16 to volunteer.

  4. Volunteer Station Selection*

    Please select the station(s) that you are interested in volunteering with.

  5. Type of Membership*

    Please select the type of membership that you plan to fulfill. Active Members provide emergency response to Fire and EMS incidents. Administrative Members perform clerical and support activities.

  6. Please list all relevant work and/or volunteer experience. Be sure to include the dates of service and necessary contact information. If none, type NONE.

  7. Have you ever been removed and/or denied membership from any Public Safety agency?*

  8. Record of Conviction*

    Since the age of 18 have you ever been convicted of a crime? If YES , please explain. If NO, indicate no in the box below. A conviction will not necessarily disqualify you from membership. Rather, such factors as age and date of conviction, seriousness and nature of the crime, and rehabilitation will be considered.

  9. If YES is selected above you must list all conviction details and dates.

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